What SDI Do

Listening to drillers is our core. Solving their problems is our mission. We are advancing scientific research for sonic drillers and manufacturers.

Sci-Ex System Solves

• costly break-downs
• training time and scarcity of skilled drillers
• excessive use of drilling fluid
• unpredictable performance

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A proprietary computer code that numerically models sonic drilling systems. We digest Science down to red and green zone gages

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Sci-Ex Explained

The Sonic Drilling Institute aims to create awareness and education via media to provide drillers with a full insight into the sonic drilling process.

What you should consider
Advantages of Sonic Drilling

The Pros

The performances of Sonic Drilling exceed by far those of conventional.

  • Commercially profitable and technically surpassing conventional rotary rigs
  • Over 50 years in the industry
  • Progress rates 4x faster than conventional rigs on some soils
  • Less fluid is used than conventional rotary rigs
  • Higher recover rates (consistently >90%) in case cores are recovered

We think Sonic Drilling should be the norm.

But there are reasons why it is not ...

The Cons

Before the Sonic Drilling Institute put its problem solving team together, feedback from drillers was along the lines of...

  • Higher CAPEX
  • High Break-down Rates (10% of CAPEX p.a.)
  • No Established Protocol for operating sonic rigs
  • Scarcity of skilled Sonic Drillers, or 
  • Time and cost of training new ones

But we have solved all of this...

What you should consider
Disadvantages of Standalone Sonic Drilling
Sonic Drilling

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The Sonic Drilling Institute Team
The Sonic Drilling Institute

Who Are They

We help sonic drillers with their challenges on the field: 

  • Inadequate rig operation and costly break-downs
  • Lengthy training periods and scarcity of skilled sonic drillers
  • Excessive use of fluids
  • Inefficient drilling

That’s all we do, and we do it well.

Sci-Ex system for Computer-Assisted Sonic Drilling will get you a long way.

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