Various Expert Guests
  • Announced once guests have confirmed date
  • Monthly events
  • Q&A's, webinars and interviews.
  • Both live and recorded¬†
Sci-Ex system Rig Sales

Rig Sales Australia will be hosting the experts in Sonic Drilling via virtual events throughout 2023.

The response so far has been overwhelming and we are doing our best to collaborate with manufacturers, technical experts and advanced drilling contractors around the world.

Our audience is already booked out for the first few live events as we have chosen to keep the attendance at low numbers which will allow all parties to have their questions answered. All events are recorded and shared across our website and social platforms.

As we progress after the first few events we will be a little more organised and will publish a booking calendar allowing a larger number of participants to be involved in the conversation.

Paul Coombs will MC the meetings and everyone involved are very eager to give clarity and understanding of the process using sonic drills.

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